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Access over 30 Virtual Classes & 10 Group PT Sessions per week

Our physical doors may be closed, however, we are still most definitely open for business. We have over 30 Virtual classes operating & now 10 Virtual Group PT sessions online completely free of charge for our members who usually use just the gym or weight sections. Our instructors will put you through your paces in ways you never experienced using your own body weight and various equipment that you can utilise at home!

To add to that, we have also opened up all of our sessions on a PAYG basis because we know that a lot of exercise goers no longer have their corporate gym to go to.

You may ask, why didnt we close our doors and wait for the storm to pass? Well, we at On The Limit employ over 30 of the local community and as a small family business we couldn’t have slept at night if we had just closed our doors and shut up ‘shop’. We want to be here for our staff and local community for years to come, so we are doing everything we can to keep our doors in a position to re-open when this all blows over…

So we thank you and the whole of Tring and wider area for the continued support and kindness that we are receiving at this extremely difficult time, it is these word of encouragement that gives us the impetus to drive forward and upwards!

Adam and Kathryn

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