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The Faces Behind The Name

Owned by husband and wife team, Adam and Kathryn Bell, we opened up the doors of On The Limit in March 2012. Since that day we have grown from a family of 3 with Liam (now 19) to a family of 5, welcoming Ava (7) and Harry (4)

OTL Bell family

We manage a team of over 30 Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers & Crèche staff who all contribute to giving our members the best fitness experience possible, supporting, guiding, motivating and encouraging each and every member and each other to reach their goals.

In addition to Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification Adams’ background in Sports Management and Psychology means he is ideally placed to manage the day to day logistics of the business,  understanding the needs of members and the physical and psychological hurdles that our members may face in their fitness journey.

Alongside undertaking OTL’s business development, Kathryn is also a qualified, registered & actively practicing Midwife and expert in Women’s Health demonstrating our commitment to the physically, emotionally and spiritual wellbeing of women. Having also previously been a member of the GB gymnastics team, Kathryn is no stranger to how exercise, hard work, dedication & determination is needed to achieve goals. 

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Our Trainers

OTL Team Andrew

Andrew Tallyn

Personal Trainer

Having been with us from the start, Andrew is our longest serving PT. He is an all-round great bloke who has expert knowledge in his field and develops an array of training techniques and plans for his clients who always show great gains and improvements.

Known as ‘Wally’ (after the kids book character) he is popular around the gym and always looking to assist members and clients achieve their goals. He loves to skip and a crunch or 20! He loves a bit of POP music on the iPod and is not averse to some Mark Ronson either. Never shy of food, he always has some Sushi on the go with a protein shake!!

OTL Team Square Ed

Ed Ellson

Personal Trainer

Ed joined the team after gaining his University degree in Sports & Exercise Science. A fan of the ‘hard yard’ exercises such as deadlifts as ‘they get the most bang for your buck’. He makes his sessions enjoyable highly effective, attentive, encouraging & focussed each and every time. This has made him a go to guy if you want to improve your strength and functional fitness.

In his spare time, Ed enjoys cycling and CrossFit. His musical motivation includes a 00’s mix and cheesy classics. At the weekend he will cycle to KFC for his ‘cheat meal’. As a kid he wanted to be a Policeman, so he now brings the ‘letter of the law’ to his clients!!

OTL Team Square Emma

Emma Gazeley

Personal Trainer

Emma is an enthusiastic PT who has 7 years’ experience in the field. Her proudest achievement is her Honours degree in Sport; and uses that expert knowledge in her sessions. She is partial to weight training for strength gain but mixes some HiiT training to balance things out for her clients. Her training pushes her clients to their best potential. Their gains are evident in their appearances and the way they attack the content of each and every session she puts them through. They are Motivated, Challenged and Tested during each training session.

Her only vice is she is a menace with the biscuit tin! However, that only makes the work she puts into her training more important!

OTL Team Square Neve

Neve Corcoran

Personal Trainer

As a MetaFit Master Instructor, Neve’s loves adding a ‘Meta’ style of sessions to improve her clients bodyweight and cardio capabilities. Her sessions are fun, mixing HiiT and power phases of training which pushes her clients both physically and mentally. Added to her enthusiasm for strength training, all her clients get the all-round workout they desire.

Musically she likes R & B to Rap to Show Tunes; whatever keeps the energy levels high. Her personal training style is strong, powerful & varied and she loves to refuel with a big helping of Spaghetti Bolognese. In her free time, she is known to visit the cinema and climb the odd rock face and she may even give a tap dance once at the top!!

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We help real people
get real results

When you join we offer every member an induction and a personalised program which can be renewed every 6 weeks by one of our instructors.

We also provide weekly workouts available on our social media, designed by our expert PT’s to keep your training fresh.