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A New Way Of Working Out

At OTL we know how exercise is beneficial, not only the body, but also the mind.

And at the time, it is more important than ever!

All our virtual classes and group personal training sessions are INCLUDED in our memberships. 

However, they are also available on an Individual, 7 day or 1 month Virtual Pass!


Knowledgeable friendly and inspiring, our team are still here ‘virtually’ providing our almost full creative timetable of over 30 virtual classes and 10 virtual Personal Group Training sessions which are now all included in your membership. 

Empowering you to keep your training up whilst the physical gym is closed.


Members who usually train in the gym are utilising our classes and group PT sessions like never before. 

Keeping your membership with us during this time will enable us to get through this period and open ‘on the other side.’

If you are thinking of cancelling your membership, would another member of your household like to utilise our classes or PT sessions instead?


Our encouraging and supportive community culture is still here! Our private Facebook group and other social media channels supports this, providing communication platforms to facilitate the latest information between members and team.

Our newly established Strava club encourages our friendly competition between our members.

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No Membership Needed

Live Classes and Virtual PT are available.

Individual, 7 day or 1 month Virtual Passes available.

Monthly subscriptions and longer fixed term memberships available.

Virtual Classes

Our creative studio timetable with approximately 30 weekly classes means you will undoubtably find a class or more to suit. From MetaFit to Pilates, *P*U*M*P to Zumba & everything in between, our programme caters to both men & women of all levels, tastes, personal schedules & availability. A fun, uplifting & effective way to find your fitness mojo.

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Virtual Personal Training

Whatever your goal personal training allows you to work with an experienced dedicated trainer to ensure your session is 100% effective to allow you to achieve that goal in the shortest time. Our qualified PT’s are committed to bringing their expert knowledge & skills to each session, working directly alongside you with friendly motivation.

Virtual Group PT

Our small group personal training sessions give you focus and support with a motivating group dynamic of like-minded individuals. Designed & led by our expert PT’s, our programmes will guide you, motivate you and push you past any limit you thought you had; giving & the confidence and stamina to kick start or progress your training.

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We’ll do the rest!

After 7 days you can decide whether to continue on a PAYG or membership basis.


Enhances Performance

Improves metabolism, cardiovascular resistance, muscle strength and joint stability for a more active and fulfilling lifestyle on a daily basis.

Elevates Mood

Promotes production of serotonin, the ‘happiness’ hormone, and reduces symptoms of depression. 

Boosts Energy

Exercise stimulates wakefulness at key times to optimise performance, whilst decreasing levels of melatonin and other sleepy biochemicals.

Regulates Circadian Rhythm

Influences the production of hormones responsible for sleep & wakefulness & reduces symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) a.k.a. “Winter Depression”.

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Whether you hold a membership or someone who likes to PAYG, if you wish to use our facility you will need you to click the button below to set-up your online profile with us. 

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Where To Find Us

Located on the main Western Road in Tring, next to the Royal Mail sorting office. 

We benefit from bike racks and 14 allocated car park spaces.